VIDAJE is also an interactive ibook that I am preparing, is already completed at 80%, looks very COOL. Over 130 pages full of interactive content, popups, videos,...

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    Since June 2011 I am traveling as a way of life. In this section you will find details and highlights of the trip! BLOG  Bits of day by...

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     Here are the songs from “PESIMOPTIMISTA” and “UNPAR” plus some emerging along the way.   In these players of my BandCamp you can listen it and even...

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    El equipo que llevo en esta venturita es:

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    Grifone Pyrenees

    I was elected, “The Grifone Pyrenees Man”, that allowed me to enjoy 4 months traveling and learning through the mountains doing all kinds of adventure, cultural amd...

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    PHOTOS Follow me on the Flickr account where you will find the best pictures of the trip. Created with flickr slideshow.   SUBSCRIBE TO YOUTUBE CHANNEL for...

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    One of the best stages of vidaje, which left this nice video:


My uruguayan brunette from La Paloma, traveler partner of  dreams and little madness, the one who I learned a lot (and I still doing) lifetriping across borders… Read More

can mateu, pastor ovella xisqueta

Humans have been nomadic since the beginning of time, looking for food, better weather or safer lands. The actual sedentary moment is a historical minority. Read More

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Shortly after this long pause on my adventure through the Pyrenees, I will return “in to the Wild” with “Ona” (with important news).
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sidi ifni, puerta magica


Ya hace 4 años de esta foto en Marruecos, concretamente en Sidi Ifni casi al final de aquel viaje iniciáico de 3 meses en el que comprobé y decidí que quería seguir viajando como forma de vida.
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