VIDAJE is also an interactive ibook that I am preparing, is already completed at 80%, looks very COOL. Over 130 pages full of interactive content, popups, videos,...

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    Since June 2011 I am traveling as a way of life. In this section you will find details and highlights of the trip! BLOG  Bits of day by...

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     Here are the songs from “PESIMOPTIMISTA” and “UNPAR” plus some emerging along the way.   In these players of my BandCamp you can listen it and even...

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    El equipo que llevo en esta venturita es:

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    Grifone Pyrenees

    I was elected, “The Grifone Pyrenees Man”, that allowed me to enjoy 4 months traveling and learning through the mountains doing all kinds of adventure, cultural amd...

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    PHOTOS Follow me on the Flickr account where you will find the best pictures of the trip. Created with flickr slideshow.   SUBSCRIBE TO YOUTUBE CHANNEL for...

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    One of the best stages of vidaje, which left this nice video:

cormoranes valencia albufera

Without the background noise of the future, the past, and inertia that come from the outside …

Where and how you would live?

Fly to the tree of that answer because there are a sprig for you that soon will give the most precious fruit, the happiness.

Al-Bert – Sans Dinasty 2014 D.C.


carretera Morella

The sun spotlight’s Morella like the negative of the dark castle. Light where would the shade, light shade. I about to turn 37 feeling like the child of 9 who visited Morella from summer camps of Xert. Read More

Dani volando por Mexico

The curtain rises …

I get up and read to my bro-Dani giving us his poetry of pure life … Without close my eyes, crossed the border with him to Mexico, heading south … Read More

albert pirineos ordesa

On the occasion of the second edition of the contest Grifone Pyrenees, The friends of CMDSPORT have interviewed me. Here you can spy the result; P Read More


I was never very good at math, but…
Each of these years of nomadic weighs at least 5 of the above … it will seem exagerated, but I try to don’t say 10. Read More